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We recently photographed the build up of a Aeromarine Cat in our shop. Building a .21 Sprint Cat is not hard, just takes time. Here is what it takes to build a full race (40 to 45mph) Nitro catamaran with a Rossi Piranha engine:

Tools: Dremel with right angle attachment, 1/8" straight shank Dremel bit (fine), Drill motor, Full set of drill bits 1/16" to 1/2", hole saw, #1 & #2 Phillips screw drivers, Exacto, 100 grit sand paper, Allen wrenches, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16 & 9/16" wrenches, Hack saw or small pipe cutter, water proof grease, CA glue, 30 minute epoxy..

Other helpful items: If you don't have stand for your boat get or make one, it makes it a lot easier to work on the boat and you prevent scratching the gel coat. If you ordered the "complete kit" from us you are in good shape. If not there are many other things you will need to complete the build up. I suggest you grab a pen and start making a list of the items you know you are already missing. :)

Before starting: There are a detailed set of plans provided with each Aeromarine boat to show you where everything gets installed. However, this article will help you organize the necessary steps in the order they should be done.

To start you need to install the drive strut and rudder, before you can determine where to mount the brass stuffing tube. Open each (strut & rudder) and loosely assemble them. This will make marking the hole locations easier. Measure out the center of the boat and from the back to the front, drill the 4 mounting holes in the transom. Next drill the 2 mounting holes for the rudder directly in line with the right side stringer. Note how we placed them up against the seam (between the top and bottom hull pieces).  Get the auto bailers installed while you are on this step too, in the position shown below.

The rudder mounts cleanly with hidden bolts. Mount the rudder and drive strut in the position shown on the plans.

Check the mounting position carefully before drilling any holes by placing the engine, pipe and fuel tank in the hull. This is also a chance to check to make sure you have all the proper parts to assemble your boat kit.

Again with the pipe installed:

From another angle:

Measure and cut the hole for the stuffing tube as shown on the assembly plans supplied with the boat hull.

The stuffing tube is longer than needed and will require cutting after it is bent into the proper shape. Carefully bend the stuffing tube, leaving the rear most portion at the strut straight:

Test fit your bend with and without the engine until perfect.

Make sure the stepped end of the stuffing tube is slide all the way in to the drive strut when measuring and before cutting!

Double check the length and position. If necessary cut a little at a time until the length and fit are perfect.

Finalize the engines position and drill the holes. Securely mount the engine and slide in the
driveline and epoxy the stuffing tube into place.

Grind a small flat for the drive dog set screw to lock into the drive shaft.

Loc-Tite all bolts and set screws or they will vibrate out!

Cut the hole for the rubber expanding radio box plug in the plexi glass lid 3/4" in diameter:

Screw down the fuel tank mount to the stringers:

Lube the drive shaft and slide it up into the engines drive collet and tighten:

This is what the layout should look like after al the radio gear is in and the pipe is installed:

Cowl lock mounts installed. The other end gets pins or tabs to lock into the hull.

Special heat resistant material was installed to keep the hatch cover from dis-coloring:

Cut open the air intake with a dremel:

You are almost done - polish the prop and secure the drive dog. add the thrust washers and slip the flex cable in to determine the proper length. Trim if necessary, then install the cable with water proof grease. Set the drive strut at the depth/level recommended in the plans. Now do a final check to make sure the radio operated correctly. Check to make sure when you turn the radio wheel left that the boat would actually turn left!

Lastly, paint or sticker up the boat to suit your taste and go have fun.

Note: We always recommend keeping the boat close to shore while running the boat for the first time to make sure you can see water flowing from the 2 exits. Run one tank of gas through at a moderate level to break in the engine properly. Beyond that enjoy your new toy and soak up all the compliments you will be getting with such a cool boat. :)

Total cost of this boat full assembled, radio, engine, fail safe, stand, a few spares, etc $1000.00

Let us know if you have any specific questions by emailing us at: [email protected]

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