International Sales and Shipping

International Sales and Shipping Questions: can ship to virtually any address in the world, however we have specific instructions and requirements to complete an international sale. The information regarding international orders can be found below.


Some Addresses do not fit into standard US address format.  If your address does not fit, do your best then please e-mail us the address as it would appear when shipping in your country or use the special instructions section of the order form.  We want to make sure that your local post office knows how and where to deliver your package.  If your phone number does not fit into the US format, please enter 000-000-0000 and enter your actual phone number in the special instructions section.  Your phone number will help get your package through customs faster.


We use USPS for most international orders unless the size requires the use of FedEx or UPS.  We charge a "Flat Rate" for shipping as follows:

  • First Class (14-45 days) $12.00
  • Priority Mail (7-14 days) $28.00
  • Express Mail (3-7 days) $50.00

If the parts are "oversized" a surcharge will be added to accommodate the additional postage cost. 

For boats, we will contact you with an accurate shipping cost and request your approval before it is charged to you or it ships.

In the case of a lost or stolen order, the USPS's average resolution time for a lost or stolen international package is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. You will have to wait for your package to be declared lost before we can reship your order.  We must allow at least 30-45 days, depending on the country, to report an international order as stolen.  Italian packages cannot be claimed for at least 60 days.  We have been advised that Brazilian Customs is currently holding packages up to 120 days.  Loss claims cannot be processed until after this time.

FunRCBoats accepts USD only. All prices are in US Dollars.

Due to a number of factors, has taken the following preventative measures to mitigate the risks associated with international fraudulent orders and chargebacks. Keep in mind that all international orders are hand screened, and we may need to contact you to verify some information. The information we require will vary based on numerous factors.  We consider your IP address, your "web identity", and many other factors.  Don't be surprised if we ask for utility bills, copies of drivers licenses, etc.  You know who we are and we want to know who you are.   Thank you for understanding, as we look forward to doing business with our international customers!

Paypal - We can only ship to confirmed addresses. Currently the only addresses Paypal confirms are in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.  If you are confirmed, this is the fastest method to ship you order.  If we cannot verify your shipping address we cannot accept your Paypal payment.

Credit Cards - Not all credit cards support address verification.  If this case we will attempt to contact your credit card company directly and verify your billing address.  If we cannot sufficiently verify your address, we will not be able to accept a credit card payment.  In this case the only way to complete your order will be via Western Union, Money Gram or wire transfer.

Western Union, Money Gram, - Once you have received a total from us, simply go to a payment center and send us money in US Dollars.  Then Fax or E-mail us a scanned copy of your receipt.  Once we have received the money from Western Union or Money Gram, we will ship your package.

Our prices do not include taxes and tariffs. Customers outside of the United States may be required to pay these fees to the courier, as applicable, upon delivery. Please consult your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation. FunRCBoats is not responsible for any applicable taxes, tariffs, fees, brokerage charges, customs charges, or any other charge that may arise due to an international shipment.

Please do not ask us to reduce the customs value of your shipment.  We cannot insure a package for more than it's customs value AND we can loose our Exporters License if we fraudulently lower the value of a shipment.