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The Traxxas Villain Deep Vee is a Ready-to-Run model boat kit. This means "all most all" the assembly work is done. You still have to put on the antenna, graphics, and install the batteries in the boat and radio.

We were very impressed by the out-of-the-box equipment, dual screws driven by two 20 turn motors and electronic speed control. It all seemed to be of very good quality for the price. The boats hull construction is from ABS Plastic and white in color. We feel this a great kit any beginner or intermediate hobbyist who wants a good fast R/C model boat right out of the box.

Initial testing of this boat was done at a local R/C boat pond here in Southern California. Temperature was about 80F.

Subsequent testing was done at Leo Carrillo beach here in Southern California. See Pics

Performance was excellent, the boats dual counter rotating props got the boat out of the hole FAST and up to a top speed of 25+mph. We adjusted the steering struts angle (otherwise known as trim) for a couple more miles per hour. We like the steering strut drive because you can really carve corners, this boat was able to turn in a 2 to 3' circle. The Deep Vee hull also handled big swells and waves with ease. However, we recommend installing an Auto Bailer even though the boats hatch cover is fairly well sealed. This is because after running the boat hard we found some water in the bottom of the hull.


We also installed and tested the following Performance upgrades after our first few runs at the beach:
a) Metal Prop kit

b) Cooling kit

c) Auto Bailer

d) 7 cell batteries

e) Waterproof radio gear bags

All we can say is "WOW" what a difference the metal prop kit made!!! That being said we also recommend the other upgrades at the same time because of the increased heat generated from the new stiffer props and 7 cell batteries. We found the boat to be very fast and responsive and I heard members of our staff saying this was the most fun they had ever had! Check out the pictures below:

The boat ran great and we were able to run right up to the beach on the waves.         You could get 4+ feet of air and not flip over! It is hard to tell but that is a 3 ft wave.

Surf the waves and go back for more. We got 14 minutes of unforgettable run time from our 7 cell 2400 battery packs.

FunRCBoats Staff Build Notes: This is as easy as they come. Boat is fully assembled and the radio gear is installed. Charge the main batteries, Install decals, install AA batteries in boat and radio and you are ready to go play.

Note: To run this model boat additional accessories are required: 1 or 2, 6-Cell Batteries w/Tamiya Connectors and a battery Charger. Two batteries packs in parallel will give up to 12 minutes run time. We recommend 2400 size battery packs. This boat is white and supplied with medium & dark blue decals. Lastly, two 7 cell battery packs are the maximum (equaling 14 cells total) for the stock motor and speed control.

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Villain 4 RTR Radio Controlled model boat kit (less batteries & charger): $ 239.99 
Priced elsewhere at $259.99

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