Fine Design TP Power 1800KV Brushless Motor (Backordered)

SKU FDNB40831800

 This is the Fine Design 4083TP Power 1800KV Brushless Inrunner Motor with Water Cooling Jacket.                

These motors are custom built for Chris Fine.  Open end bell design for additional cooling.  Capable of powering a 30" electric boat into the 70 MPH range, the bang for the buck of these motors has no equal.  These motors are very efficient and virtually maintenance-free; no brushes to wear out! Ideal for direct or gear drive applications. Powered by "rare earth" Neodymium magnets for high torque and unmatched heat resistance.

SPECS:Motor Diameter: 1.57" (40mm)                                        
          Motor Can Length:   3.23" (83mm)                                        
          Shaft Diameter:   0.197" (5mm) 
          Shaft Length: .78" (20mm)                                        
          RPM/V (kV): 1800/volt                                               
          Weight: 14.8oz (420g)                                               
          Input Voltage: 33V
          Maximum Constant Current: [email protected]                                        
          Peak HP @ Max V and A : 4.28                                     
          Peak Torque: Not yet Available

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