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The MAS3200 coupler is one of the most popular ways to mate propellers to the bilge pump motors used in MATE and other ROV competitions.  Our coupler is designed to do everything the MAS3200 does, but better.  It installs on a motor shaft with a set screw just like the MAS3200, but we add a drive dog on the other end to positively lock the propeller in place and avoid slippage.  We include the longer 10-24 screw to bolt an Octura 1250 Propeller in place.  The adapter is aluminum and all the hardware is Stainless Steel.  

This COMBO includes (3) FRCB3200 couplers, (1) OC1250 Propeller and (2) OC1250R Propellers.  It is specifically designed for use when building the MATE ROV, but the combination can be used with many ROV build projects that require three propellers. 

The image shows one coupler and one propeller and how this combination goes together.

FEATURES: Natural aluminum construction 
Three aluminum adapter with drive dog
Three 10-24x3/4" SS cap head screw
Three 8-32x3/16" SS set screw
One 1250L Plastic Propellers
Two 1250R Plastic Propellers

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