O.S. Max .46 VX-M Marine Engine (Discontinued)

SKU OS15390
OS O.S. Max .46 VX-M Water Cooled Engine
Fast and Reliable!
  • Blue anodized water cooled cylinder head helps keep engine cooler for longer run times
  • Front exhaust (with flywheel facing rear of boat) 
  • True ABC construction, aluminum piston with chromed brass cylinder liner.
  • Ball bearing-supported crankshaft. 

(1) O.S. Max .46 VX-M Marine Water Cooled Engine.
(1) 40a carburetor.
(1) Instruction booklet and decals.

Requires :
(1) #8 glow plug.
(1) 180 degree exhaust header.
(1) Flywheel and tapered crankshaft collet.


Displacement: 0.455 cu.in. (7.45cc)
Bore: 0.866" (22mm)
Stroke: 0.772" (19.6mm)
Practical RPM 2,500-23,000
Horsepower: 2.5 @ 23,000 RPM
Weight: 15.7oz (445g)
Crankshaft thread size: 1/4-28


REQUIRES:  Fuel 10%-20% Nitro methane with at least 16% lubricant. Lubricant can be either castor oil or synthetic oil or a combination of both. Field Equipment: glow starter, fuel pump, 12V electric hand starter with starting v-belt. IMPORTANT: Tuned exhaust pipe for a .65-.90 size motor MUST be used with this engine or failure will occur.


Mounting Dimensions: Distance between mounting holes on same side: 1.42" (36mm) Distance between mounting holes on opposite side: 1.77" (45mm) Height: 3.43"

Due to the high-performance nature of this engine it is NOT covered by any warranty.


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