Zenoah G 260 Engine, MODIFIED

This is a Fully Modified High Performance Zenoah G260 Water cooled Marine Engine. Intended for racing it has: Higher compression, zero drag seals, ported and polished, timing is changed and a large bore 257 carb is included. It's peak RPM is 17K+ and will push a Hydro up to 68MPH on standard 87 octane pump gas. This engine is sold w/o a mount, collet or bell crank, but is still pull start to comply with racing rules. Mix 7 to 8oz of 2 stroke oil per gallon of gas. These engines are in stock and ready for shipment.
Select "More Images" to see detailed pictures of the Matched exhaust port, Zero drag seals, 257 Carb and the Custom water cooled head.
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