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There are several different types of boat hulls available. The different styles are: Deep Vee (Mono Hull), Catamaran, Hydroplane and Out Rigger. Each style is offered in many different sizes, ranging from 20" to 60". The hull size often dictates how big the engine(Nitro) or motor (Electric) can be, ranging from .10ci to .90ci.

FunRCBoats.com has a huge selection with the best prices, so let’s get started by selecting whether you want to build your boat, or right out of the box fun with the Ready-to-Run kits (RTR).

Radio Controlled Deep Vee, RC Boats

Deep Vee's (or mono hull) are the most popular. Widely manufactured as In or Outboards for Nitro and Electric motors. Can handle rough water, turns sharply and is most forgiving to the driver. Also has the most drag.

Radio Controlled Catamaran, RC Catamaran

Catamaran's are a nice blend between a Hydro and a Deep Vee as it can handle rough water but has less drag than a Deep Vee therefore able to go faster. Cat's also are manufactured as In or Outboards for Nitro or Electric motors.

Radio Controlled Hydroplane, RC Hydroplane

Hydroplanes or Tunnel Hulls are the fastest on the water but require near perfect conditions or they will flip! With little or none of the boat in the water while running these scale models have very low drag.

Radio Controlled Outrigger, RC Outrigger

Out Riggers are a racing only boat for the avid model boat enthusiast! This is a completely modified Hydro plane for all out racing speed.
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